Our aim is to create scholars who will be able to integrate the essence of all religion, and allow the individual to see the essential unity in all religions and work for manifesting that unity…

Swami Sri Atmananda

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The University of Spiritual Research is a 501c3 non-profit organization based in Napa, California.  It was founded in 2004, inspired by the guidance of Swami Sri Atmananda.

The University of Spiritual Research (USR) aims to provide individuals with the opportunity to easily learn the essence of all religions and thereby see the common thread that unites all: to see unity in diversity.  USR’s purpose is to enable individuals to integrate with the aspiration of mankind, transcend religion and collaborate in the emerging spiritual culture.


Toward that goal, USR’s principal activities are providing spiritual education and conducting advanced research in the realm of spirit. 

Through spiritual education, people learn to go beyond life’s details and worries, and to expand their awareness of their divinity, thereby promoting peace and harmony on an individual level and in society overall.

USR’s initial work is to establish faculties and develop coursework for the world’s primary religions, including but not limited to Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, and Islam, to demonstrate their unity and amplify their eternal wisdom.  In the words of Swami Sri Atmananda:

Religion has given a meaning to human civilization, a shape to human imagination, and shown a goal to human aspiration.  These are the three most important contributing factors of religion to man’s evolution on earth.  It is religion only that gave man the vision to live for the highest ideal.  It is religion that gave concrete support to shape this vision, that showed how to manifest the highest ideal and how to live for the highest truths.  Finally, it is religion that has kindled the aspiration of man to manifest something beyond religion.

Without spending the whole life on mastering one religion, USR will create facilities and infrastructure so that any aspiring individual can get the essence of all religions in a short time.  That is the grounding.  Only when man is able to have the essence of all religion, man will be able to see the unifying force of religion, the unity in diversity.

That is why the name of our university is Spiritual Research. It is not the university of religious studies.  Any work USR will do will not promote any religion. It will simply integrate the essence of religion, so that, standing on the foundation of religion, man can transcend it.  This is the vision with which USR is created.