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Blessed Divine Self,

Welcome to the world of Vedas. 

The Vedas are revealed wisdom.  It came from God for humankind.  It deals with our needs while in body and beyond.  It tells how to lead a life of joy and fulfillment.  It is eternal wisdom.  This wisdom was lost to humankind due to the impact of time.

A massive effort is being made for the first time in recorded history–to decode the Vedas, word by word, mantra by mantra, sukta by sukta, concept by concept.  When completed, it will be a permanent gift to humankind.  No other work can be compared to this work since all work originates from Veda only. 

We appeal to you to be a part of this great spiritual mission—to decode the Vedas.  Show your love for humankind and assist in reviving the Vedas.  This is an opportunity of several lifetimes.  Be a pioneer: humankind will remember you, seers will bless you, gods will be delighted by your simple gesture. 

Sponsor a sukta. 

Revive this immortal wisdom.  Be immortal. 

May God’s grace be upon you.


In the published book of your sponsored sukta, one page will be dedicated to you and include your photo, contact information as per your choosing, and why you felt to sponsor a sukta.  You will receive:

  1. 1.the published book of the sukta you sponsored,

  2. 2.the audio file of the chanting of the mantras in the sukta you sponsored.

The Donate button connects to PayPal.  Your contribution will be confirmed at $200 USD per sukta.  After paying through PayPal you will be given a choice to be redirected back to this Sponsorship Form to submit your information, below.  If you prefer to sponsor by check: make check payable to “USR” and mail to: USR, Dr. Vidya Barbara Zielinska (Treasurer), P.O. Box 71587, Reno, Nevada 89570, USA.  Please be sure to submit the form below and send a passport-sized photo for the publication.  At the bottom of this page is a sample sponsorship form.  Thank you.

Each sukta book will contain a sponsor page at the beginning of the book.  For example: