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There can never be any problem on Earth or anywhere in creation 
for which Vedas have no remedy.
-Swami Sri Atmananda

With one scholar and a typist, the Vedic research project was born in a small rented office in a developing neighborhood on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar, Orissa, in 2005.  After some months, USR moved the Vedic Research Institute to Tamil Nadu, India, to a modest building at the foot of Mount Arunachala in Tiruvannamalai.  As a part of USR’s Department of Vedic Studies, the Vedic Research Institute is USR’s first research wing, largely because of Swami Sri Atmananda’s expertise in Veda.  In 2008, the Institute moved to Ganeshpuri, a nearby five-acre campus developed by Satyachetana Spiritual Movement.  

Veda is the repository of all secrets of civilization and humanity.
-Swami Sri Atmananda

Vedas contain the secrets for a life of Truth and collaboration with Mother Nature.  Swamiji says that Veda is all-pervading in this creation as the original cosmic vibration, and that by knowing a fraction of the meaning of a mantra, man can enter into Veda and begin to invoke, feel, and merge with this universal vibration.  He explains how Veda contains solutions to all mankind’s problems.  It is not miraculous, he says, it is super-science: “Veda guides you to be in harmony with nature, the environment, society, family, friends, and with your self.  Then your life will be life Divine.”

The Veda will be interpreted in a way that facilitates 
the manifestation of the aspiration of mankind.  
-Swami Sri Atmananda

The Vedic Research Institute is currently focused on “Veda for the Masses,” a project to translate the Vedic mantras word-by-word as per the needs of modern humanity.  Since Veda is the repository of all knowledge, both material and spiritual, mankind needs this knowledge for its benefit.  As Veda is written in classical Sanskrit and over millennia has been reduced to ritualistic worship, it has lost its appeal to the general population.  Veda needs to be translated into the language of modern man’s understanding, and the interpretation must be a rational one based on reasoning, because that is the spirit of the modern time.  Swamiji says, “Veda will not be interpreted as a religious scripture or with a cultural coating, but it will be interpreted in the language of human evolution.”

As light, air and water are present everywhere, so also is Veda, 
and that is the original light, rhythm and vibration that every human being carries.
-Swami Sri Atmananda

USR’s team of Sanskrit professors and scholars perform intense research to decode and compile Veda’s lost wisdom.

The Vedas are composed of 20,500 mantras.  One scholar working diligently can complete, on average, one mantra in a day, as per the following format:  
Read and dissect the mantra 
Convert to prose form
Provide root meaning, etymology, contextual meaning, and grammatical derivation of each word; Vedic accent and grammatical derivation are strictly followed, to protect purity and sanctity.  (For Dr. Aryaji’s explanation of etymology, see the blog in his name.)
Integrate each word with the next, ensuring that the meaning flows and there are no gaps
Provide a gist of major commentaries for each mantra
Give a simple English translation linked with the true meaning of the words from three angles: rational, universal, and spiritual.

After the research is completed, it is paired with Swami Sri Atmananda’s unique realizational and experiential commentary on the inner meaning of each mantra (provided at no cost).  The work will be published by sukta (a collection of mantras).  Two different volumes of each sukta will be available: a mainstream edition and a reference edition geared for scholars and containing all the research notes.

Work is ongoing in English and Odia languages, but the aspiration is to publish the sukta research in all the major languages of India and of the world.

The Vedic Research Institute is also developing educational courses on the Vedas, and the world’s first-ever comprehensive dictionary and thesaurus of Vedic terms.

Sponsor a Sukta for Humanity

“This work is not funded by any organization or government.  This work is funded by the whole mankind, many evolved beings scattered around the globe.”  
                                                                                        - Swami Sri Atmananda

The Vedas are comprised of 20,500 mantras and thousands of suktas.  Sponsorship opportunities allow everyone to become a part of this noble work.  Support the Vedic research work by sponsoring a sukta for $200.00 USD.  Sponsorship helps cover the cost of mantra research, publication and expansion of the project (Swami Sri Atmananda’s realizational commentary is provided at no cost). 

The more people who participate, the greater will be the impact on the collective consciousness.  Thus sponsorship is open to one sukta per person.  The University of Spiritual Research is a California 501c3 non-profit organization.  All contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. 

The Donate button connects to PayPal.  Your contribution will be confirmed and your name and address will be recorded per $200 USD per sukta.  Upon completing your PayPal donation, you will be given the choice to return to the USR Sponsorship page to submit your information.   

Your contribution will be automatically assigned to the English translation sponsorship chart.  If you would like to pay in rupees in India to sponsor a language other than English, please send a message via the Contact tab in the menu bar above, and information will be sent to you for sponsoring in rupees in India. 

If you prefer to sponsor by check: make check or money order payable to “USR” and mail to the following address.  Please be sure to submit the Sponsorship Form and send a passport-sized photo for the publication.

University of Spiritual Research                                        
Dr. Vidya Barbara Zielinska, Treasurer                             
P.O. Box 71587
Reno, Nevada 89570 — USA

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