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University of Spiritual Research, based in Napa, California, USA, is a 501c3 nonprofit charitable organization.  Contribute today:

This is a small sample book of the work on sukta 1 of Rig Veda, in the language of the modern man. “Swamiji explains all the critical and complicated theories in such a normal and general way, beyond expectation, that anyone can understand it. He is a great seer with his own vision.”
  1. -Dr. Digambar Mohanty, Professor, Orissa


Bachelor Degree Course on

The Yoga Of Bhagavad Gita!

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Doctoral Fellowship Leading to PhD in Veda

The University of Spiritual Research Department of Vedic Studies invites applications from eligible candidates for doctoral fellowships leading to a PhD in Veda.  Click here for detailed information regarding eligibility criteria and the selection method, and to submit a request to apply for the fellowship.

Modern-Day Rishis

“Veda for the Masses” represents both a goal and a vision.  The project’s goal is to authentically decode Veda in the language of the modern era.  The vision conveys Veda’s revival as a household resource for the benefit of humanity.  In the vision, sponsors are not simply monetary supporters.  They carry the possibility to manifest the seer in them, because only a seer can feel the importance of the Vedas.

Swamiji says that Veda contains the solutions to any problem man may face.  Despite this great promise, a gap separates the print in a book and its application to life.  The sukta sponsor naturally bridges these two.


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22 June 2011, Video Post - “Why Veda for the Masses?”

Swami Sri Atmananda, inspiration and guide to the Vedic Research Institute, addressed new scholars after their first month of fellowship and on the arrival of the global director, Dr. Ravi Prakash Arya, on 10th June 2011. Dr. Aryaji first encouraged the scholars to find the inner meaning of the words and cautioned them on the follies commonly committed by research scholars. His talk demystifies and clarifies Veda even for a common man. Click here to read an excerpt from Dr. Aryaji’s talk. Swamiji’s conclusion to the meeting that evening captures the purpose and significance of the project.  Click here to listen to Swamiji’s message.

Join in the revival of the Veda: sponsor a sukta.


“Reviving the Veda for mankind means we must give it in such a format that every human being will find it is useful for him.”

- Swami Sri Atmananda